We have a very experienced team to help the customer to build great software products. We have a bunch of passionate software developers from India and Bangladesh who are working on developing various software solutions for national and international clients. We have a group of highly experienced designers, engineers and content specialists who are currently doing software development outsourcing job for Canadian health care industry, developing ERP for various clients from India, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

SISIP also has a tie-up with one of the leading software company, Agile Labs India. Agile Labs is a unique technology company from India, with it’s own unique and U.S. patented technology platform called Expert focusing on ERP, Enterprise applications and cloud solutions.

Few of our ERP software products are as follows:

  • RMG & Textile Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Campus Management
  • Clinical Research Management
  • Logistics operation Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Defense Management
  • Trade Plus – Export/Import & Distribution Management
  • UPVC Manufacturing ERP

We also have various software solutions for the below industries:

  • Finance and Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Sector
  • Infrastructure
  • Trading
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitals

Software Service Life cycle

Our services related to software doesn’t limit to development or selling the licenses of the off the shelf ERP products but also it comprises services like Design, planning, System study, GAP analysis, Installation, Training, ERP Audit & Due diligence, resource outsourcing, deployment and maintenance services.