SISIP currently is a distributor/partner for DELL-EMC, Oracle, HP, Cisco, i-catch, Strontium, etc. and always on the process of adding a renowned brand at its portfolio.

Our Sales Team has acquired vast experience in Enterprise sales. They have more than 15+ years of sales experience in selling solutions project involving multiple products integrations, Data Centers, Network & Security, ERP, System Auditing and managing distribution market.

The local operation already has in-house Service/ Solutions Team with requisite certifications for key vendors (e.g. HP, Dell, EMC, Cisco, Netapp, Oracle, Microsoft, Hadoop, VMware, and Linux, etc.).

Capabilities & Manpower Resources at a glance:

  • Sales Team with relevant Enterprise and Distribution/Channel Sales experience.
  • Sales team possesses 15+ years’ experience in selling ICT products
  • Dedicated Sales and Marketing Teams to run Distribution/Channel and Corporate Sales with Local import, stock and sale capabilities
  • Solutions Team with 12+ years of experience, capable of handling pre and post-sales support for end-to-end solutions for Data Center, Cloud solutions, Big Data Solution, Network infrastructure, Storage, Enterprise application and Backup Solutions.
  • In-house Service Team with requisite certifications for key vendors (e.g. Dell, HP, EMC, IBM, Cisco, Netapp, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, Linux, etc.)
  • Strong Support Team for post Sales and RMA operations.
  • Dedicated experienced team in providing 24/7 support to large mission-critical operations,  i.e. banks, financial institutions, telcos, and government bodies.