SiS Inflexionpoint (BD) Ltd. (SiSIP) is one of the joint venture initiatives of SiS Inflexionpoint Pte. Ltd, a private equity-structured global supply Chain Company and IP Tech Bangladesh. SISIP is an IT supply chain company, through its joint venture companies and subsidiaries, engages in the sales and distribution of computer systems and peripherals, and other IT components from different OEMs across Asia and Americas.

SISIP is a well-respected company with unique skills, strengths, and leaders that complement each other. SISIP brings in 3 years of experience in Channel Marketing, distribution and investment in technology companies & businesses in Asia. SISIP’s local team brings private equity, more than 2 years of local experience, marketing, sales expertise working capital and financial expertise. A new dimension, a new value offering – Private Equity with distribution and marketing strengths.


SISIP has started its Bangladesh operation in the year of 2014 with a vision to provide IT infrastructure service, world-class hardware solutions and Industry’s best software solutions as well as provide world-class IT training to simplify and streamline the IT infrastructure deployment, management, and up-gradation in all types of organizations in Bangladesh.

SISIP has State-of-the-art Office Infrastructure with a 10,000+ Sq. Ft. office space in the central city area. Our Bangladesh operations have a service center with various OEM certified resources and facilities. In addition, SISIP is able to leverage a large and diverse customer base and gain access to various distribution centers of Inflexionpoint in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, UAE, Thailand, Netherlands, etc.

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